How to place an order

& nbsp; your first order on our site? Here is a guide that explains step by step how to do.

You'll find that ordering is simple, safe and very fast.


If it is your first purchase, before you place your order you must fill out the registration form. Once registration is complete you will be taken directly to the order form.

If you have already registered, please enter the username and password you provided at registration.

Find products

To find the product you are interested in you can use the "search product" or explore the site.

Enter the products in the basket

Sort Article and entered his descriptive card, click on the Buy button to place the product in your shopping cart. E 'can then finish your order now or continue shopping and return at any time to the cart, using the Cart button.

At this point follow the trail driving, and enter the required information and confirm each time, until the choice of payment methods and the list of what you are about to buy. The order ends only after confirming all the required information.

After the procedure, the system sends a message to the e-mail address indicated on the order form, a confirmation of receipt by our systems and summing up all purchases.

Delete an order

To cancel an order simply promptly contact our customer service.

by phone, calling the 0819.531.47

The exact moment when you place an order

The exact moment when the order is placed is only after you click the Confirm button.

Then you can view it at a later time by clicking the menu account (link in the top right with your name used in regitrazione) where you will find the following features:

  • Details of the client
  • Address
  • Orders client
  • Notifications of products returned
  • Change password

    This is what happens after you make an order

    Once the order process you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the order. If you do not receive it is possible that the procedure was not completed correctly. In this case please contact our Customer Service on tel. 0819.531.47 in order to verify if there were errors in your order form.