Short Guide to manage Affiliate Account



On the website & egrave; can click on the link LOGIN AFFILIATE, this down, in the third column of links starting from the left.
Clicking on LOGIN AFFILIATE you will display & agrave; the access panel to the screen where you can enter your credentials (email, password) and enter in your personal area.
The direct link to this page & egrave ;:

Note: Do not confuse the AFFILIATE ACCESS with the normal login to the site, which is located in the pi & ugrave; High site and & egrave; reserved for customers of the store.

Let's now a first look at the initial control panel screen:

  • At the center of the page there is a chart with the statistics of our link / banner, with which visually check clicks, transactions, impressions and trends of sub-affiliates.
    We will see these values ​​in detail below, in the course of this guide.

  • On the left c '& egrave; The main menu of the panel.

  • At the top right links to their affiliate data, that the log out and a small dashboard with a summary of their transactions.


  • Complete your profile!
    By clicking on the Profile link in the upper right & egrave ; can update their personal information
    Make sure you've entered all the required data in the section profile, specify your websites, the mode & agrave; with which you want to receive payments of your earnings!

  • Subscribe to advertising campaigns!
    Clicking on the link will BANNER & LINKS access the screen with the advertising campaigns.
    WARNING: Initially there is only a campaign to subscribe, but shalt be gi & agrave; written by default. This campaign & egrave; to open standards.
    Collection Nature has decided for the first few times you do not enable several advertising campaigns, to allow, to all affiliates, to leave with the same potentials & agrave;.

    When new campaigns will be activated you will be notified by our web department.

  • Insert banners and links on your site!
    Once enrolled in an advertising campaign you can see all creatives available by clicking on banners and links. After choosing banners and links to promote, & egrave; can place on their website simply by copying and pasting the ad code into your web page!

  • Monitors statistics of your earnings!
    As soon as your promotions will take effect automatically begin generating traffic and making you earn commissions! You can monitor in detail and in real time all the results! Periodically checks the performance of your earnings reports and graphs helping with statistics!

  • Payouts: Earn your earnings!
    As soon as you reach the commission approved 'minimum payout amount, your account is reported there as if waiting for payment. You will receive the payment of your earnings depending on the mode & agrave; Payout specified in your profile and our conditions / regulation.

  • Maximize your earnings!
    We provide several tools that allow you to optimize Turn up your promotions and your earnings! Also remember that in case I need you can always contact your affiliate manager for assistance.


  • Payments and Transactions
    By accessing the MY menu PROFILE and then the payouts & egrave card; can indicate his own reference for payments, in particular the email PAYPAL to which & egrave; You can send payments. If you do not have a PayPal account (which in any case you'll want to open), you can specify the details of your bank account (IBAN and header) or your American Express (number, header, deadline), all in the field labeled & ldquo; A FAVOUR OF ID / EMAIL & rdquo ;. Do not forget to include your social security number in your profile.

  • Payout
    To PAYOUT means ownership over which you want to receive payment for your commissions, you can currently choose from 20 & euro ;, 50 & euro; and 100 & euro ;. ES: If you choose to receive payments PayOut 50 & euro ;, get paid every time exceeds the cumulative sum of 50 & euro;.

  • Commissions : whenever a user coming from your pages makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Currently this figure & egrave; set at 10% of the total purchase, you can check the changes in the percentages in the section BANNER AND LINK, and under the heading ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN GROUPS OF FEES.
    You can check the progress of your personal commissions in STATISTICS section or otherwise at the top right of your control panel.

  • Cookie
    Cookies are text files that a website deposited on the visitor's computer in order to monitor and track traffic, obviously with statistical and functional purposes.
    in case a non-specific, a cookie is stored on the user's computer, whenever they click on banner of a sharp and visit our website, in order to trace the provenance of the visit and a possible purchase. The cookie remains on your computer for 90 days, this means that if the purchase is made within approximately three months by clicking on your banner / link, you still perceive your commission.
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  • The multi-level system
    For multi system -level means a hierarchical tree of affiliates, you may have between them relationships of sponsorship: in pi & ugrave words; simple, if a new affiliate signs up to the program, coming from your site, it will be & agrave; considered to be our sub-affiliate and receive a commission for every purchase coming from his site / blog / social, currently set at 2% of the total purchase.
    Note: The current hierarchy only provides the second level of sub- affiliate.

  • How to become a sponsor
    To become a sponsor and then having sub-affiliates, gaining also on indirect transactions, just enter the link / banner to our affiliate program on your pages. You can enter both the link to the registration page to the presentation of the program page, you will find the appropriate link / banner in BANNER / LINK section of your affiliate panel, indicated with REFERRAL words.

  • Check the statistics of sub-affiliates
    In STATISTICS panel under the SUB-AFFILIATES tab you can check the progress of the second-level transactions connected to you.


  • Use your profile / page / Facebook group: if you going to use Facebook as a means of promotion / syndication / products Collection Nature, keep in mind that you will not use the banners / images placed at your disposal. Facebook, in fact does not allow the use of codes, you will then use the simple link. Keep in mind that once you put the link in the editor of Facebook, this will be & agrave; analyzed by the system and, therefore, will be & agrave; calculated as a click in your stats. Probably the link will be & agrave; It turned into a preview of the landing page, on which your visitors will click. Experience shows us that an image does much in attracting the attention of surfers, a great make-up & egrave; therefore to use a regular photo / image and link included in the text, perhaps with the words CLICK HERE TO BUY. You can use, in this case, the image that you prefer, but always keep in mind that our Media Staff & egrave; always at your disposal to provide the graphics / promotional materials you need.

  • Use your own blog / site self hosted or otherwise WITH possibility & agrave; enter code
    If you have a website / blog of your property & agrave ;, on which you have access to the codes or in any case you can insert / embed code, you can choose to place our banners (which you can find in the banner / link of your panel). E 'can view the codes of embedding clicking on the text
    & ldquo; Show / hide banner code & rdquo; , this right of the banner / link you chose.

  • Use a blog / site out-hosted or otherwise WITHOUT possibility & agrave; enter code
    If you have no possibility & agrave; to embed external codes in your site, you can still use the normal link that you find in BANNER & LINKS in your control panel. Each link & egrave; provided with an ID code that links it to your affiliate account and allows us to track the purchases coming from your pages and link to your profile, we recommend, therefore, to include the full link, cos & igrave; as you can find by clicking on the text & ldquo; Show / hide banner code & rdquo; < / strong> , this right of the banner / link of your choice.

  • Use mail and / or other messaging services
    Do not underestimate the potentialities & agrave; email marketing or other messaging services: on the one hand, excessive use of this means can memorize options be annoying, on the other hand, if you knew how to dose, can memorize options bring important results.
    Our advice & egrave; to create databases selected or selection units and send regular updates about the novelties & agrave; Site Collection Nature, of course, with your link / banner staff.
    Do not underestimate the importance of good graphics and if you need it, ask for assistance to our media staff, you affiancher & agrave; in the creation of more and ugrave template; right for you.

  • Use paper
    As for Email, also a small paper campaign (eg flyers, posters) can memorize options to help.
    For a workaround to place a link too long on paper, you can use URL shortening services (shortlink) or to create QRcode. At the end of this guide will be & agrave; will be a section with the resources that you may find useful.


  • Technical Assistance
    For technical problems, as the inclusion of the banner code or another, you can contact the , indicating your login email to the panel, as user reference.

  • Graphics Support
    If you need special banner , with dimensions different from those gi & agrave; present in your panel, or you need assistance for the creation of e-mail or paper templates, you can contact the , indicating the your email access to the panel, as a user reference.

  • Shopping Assistance
    assistance to commercial / accounting, such as the setting of your banking information or the payout, you can contact the , indicating your email access to the panel, as a user reference.


  • Payout : this term means the sum above which the franchisee wishes to receive the payment.

  • Cookie : & egrave; a text file that a website deposited in the visitor's computer, to trace and monitor browsing.

  • Settings : translation of SETTINGS

  • QRcode : & egrave; a similar code, for operation, to the traditional barcode. Graphically translates into a square checkered whites and blacks, who scanned with special applications for smartphones, creates a link or a text.

  • Template : In computing, the default template that allows you to create or mix different content types in a document or on a web page.

  • Links : Abbreviation HYPERLINK in Italian translates as Link hypertext. & Eacute; that part of the text of a web page that, when clicked, directs you to another page. A link can memorize options also it is associated with an image.

  • Shortlink : This term means a shorter link that King -indirizza to a full link. And 'possible to generate shortlink through special online free services.

  • ID : Abbreviation IDENTIFICATION, often results in a number unique progressive, connected to a single user or content.

  • Banner : clickable image advertising, in a page web.

  • Login & Logout respectively: & ldquo; Access & rdquo; and & ldquo; Disconnect & rdquo; from private web area.

  • PayPal : Renowned international banking service provided, attached to an email and to a banking / real prepaid card account.

  • Dashboard Deadline by which it indicates the starting of a panel page control / personal area containing the main information of users.

  • Self Hosted & Hosted Out : These two terms are considered respectively, those web sites hosted on the server / space of their own management or external management.

  • Template: term which refers to a standard graphic structure , which can memorize options be modified and customized, adapting to the individual needs & agrave; If the

  • URL indicates a web address (eg http: / /miosito.ex)


  • PAYPAL: P aypal & egrave; a very useful tool to send / receive money online, because & eacute; fast and secure. Through this service you can receive payments indicating sol your email ola, thus avoiding online to give your bank details. You can create a PayPal account at

  • QRcode This particular graph code & egrave; very useful if coupled to paper. You can freely generate a QRcode through many online services, such as

  • ShortLink : generate short links can memorize options be useful when you share a content online, on paper or by email. You can create short links through free online services, following the two pi & ugrave; used:

    Google Shortner:
    Bitly: (With Free registration & egrave; can also customize the link)