The convenience of our proposal



The type of experience that the formula Concession Sales Collection Nature provides is that of in-depth knowledge of the market. This gives you a clear view of what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the reality of herbalists.

motion concession is supported by three key elements : simplicity, fairness and transparency.
Collection Nature believes that the success of a Partnership successful is the one that involves the mutual benefits and support that goes well beyond the start-up activities.
Our proposal is able to provide:

Trading Consulting

A team of professionals will follow all stages of development activities and the subsequent ones in order to ensure the opening of a store in a position to achieve continuity in the generation of revenues.


The store Nature Collection comes with a new idea of ​​interior design than the traditional herbal medicine of the past. This new cencept stems from the need to enhance the emotional side of the place. The exhibition structures, developed by our experts d 'interior design, are designed so as to favor the direct exposure of the product in order to get a concept store that can provide entrepreneurs and customers the freedom and usability.


Our organization is able to handle, independently or in collaboration with the Partnershipe, in search of office premises to be used as herbal medicine. Thanks to our partners, in fact, we will have the opportunity to find the right location for ensuring the required capacity to generate good sales.


Collection Nature provides the Partnershipe its experience and professionalism to ensure continuing care and long-term, from the early stages of the investigation up to continuation and development of its business. In addition, in order to put in a position of being able to sell the affiliate in a serious and profitable products covered by the activity, it is guaranteed training in technical / scientific.

Visual Merchandising

The affiliate will be guaranteed the right support inherent in the construction of the store in order to create a good harmony between the display system, the setting, lighting, graphics .

Teli activities will aim to attract the attention of the customer and generate, thus, an increase in sales volumes.

Information Systems

Each affiliate will be assisted by a team of professionals who will go to plant information systems within the stores and look at the follow up care. Such systems will be supported by technology intended for the management of the shops from the point of view of POS sales modules, warehouses, inventories, statistics. These tools will aim to: collect data; store data, storing it; process the data, transforming them into information.


A good mix of marketing tools is definitely an essential element to attract customers and generate good revenue. And 'for this reason that each store will be guaranteed adequate assistance in communication. This assistance will be reflected both in communication activities in store (exhibitors showcase material, suspended signs, special materials to be applied to the product or to the shelves, loyalty initiatives ...), aimed at stimulating action of positive response from the target, both in activities to promote the brand and the individual stores (presence on major thematic portals, campaigns PayPerClick, spread on social networks, direct marketing ...).